Anti-social behaviour – customers help to improve our Code of Conduct

In December, staff from our ASB and Neighbourhoods and Involvement and Communications Teams met with a number of residents who have accessed our ASB (Anti-Social Behaviour) service. The aim of which was to update the ASB Code of Conduct, an agreement that sets out the roles and responsibilities for all involved in reporting and responding to instances of Anti-Social Behaviour.
With residents sharing their experiences of what worked and what could have been dealt with better we’ve taken this away to build into the code.
Here’s some of the things that they said:
• Personalise letters to victims; it was felt that the standard one we send out doesn’t always fit with everyone case. Making it personal makes customers feel that they are being listened to and their issue taken seriously and is being dealt with.
• You’re not always told what happens to the diary log sheets and so victims don’t see the importance of them and how they actually help to build a case.
• Victims fear retribution or additional abuse
• Ad-hoc visits needed to perpetrators.
We’ll be updating you in the coming months, with the draft code and again asking for your views on whether we’ve got it right.

Customers feedback on our ASB service

Customers feedback on our ASB service


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