My continued involvement in procurement

By Dean O’Shea

Since my last blog, I have been on two more procurement panels for stair lifts and, only last week, for the IRS TV Aerial Contract.

After the new year, I began to work with BCH staff again, as a tenant/leaseholder representative in the procurement exercise, to read submissions from bidding companies, for the stair lift contract, which has been awarded to Prism Medical UK. The process was more technical, because with stair lifts, there are different types and specifications to suite people’s individual requirements. It was a pleasure to participate in this process, and meet potential contractors, as well as working with BCH staff again.

The stair lifts panel was disability related, but the IRS panel was one that affects all tenants. The IRS panel had different staff from BCH and Blackpool Council, so it was good for me to meet different people.

I am about to go on my fourth procurement panel, which is for the new gas contract, which sounds interesting. Even though I have been on a few procurement panels over the last year, it is an on-going learning process for me, because different contracts have different criterias. I am still enjoying the experience.

I would like to end this blog by saying thank you to BCH for the Highly Commended Working Together certificate, which I was awarded at the last BCH Community Awards ceremony in March 2018. It was totally unexpected, and like so many other tenants and leaseholders, not why we do what we do to assist BCH. It was very interesting to see how other groups were collaborating, enhancing and networking on the night, to make BCH as strong as it is.

BCH are very keen for all customers to participate in all kinds of projects. To find out more, contact the Customer Involvement Team on 01253 477911 or email




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