Family fun at the Fundraiser!

What a wonderful time we all had on Sunday 28th October, raising £580 for Hedgehog Rescue Blackpool.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of cut flowers, but I do love to see the tables in our little Community Centre full of colour, inviting people to come in and enjoy a hearty meal, good entertainment, and hopefully leave with a prize from the raffle. So instead of vases of flowers, I made vases of windmills. Yes, windmills. And, yes, I made them all! The colour of the foil heads really did work, and added to the atmosphere of the bunting, prizes and people. I made certain that I had made enough so that everyone could take one home, plus I got special garden windmills/ornaments on sticks for the children I knew would be there. More robust than my windmills!

At noon we all tucked into sausage and mash – all bar two, Jean’s lovely vegetarian daughter, Ann and Molyneux Drive Friends and Neighbours treasurer, Doreen, who is on a strict diet. MY CHEF sent a special vegetarian meal for Ann and Doreen had a huge salad, so everyone had a meal they enjoyed. (I hope!). MY CHEF never let us down with the quality and the quantity of the food they deliver. They have cooked our group Christmas Dinner for 6 years now, plus I have ordered from them for the other events I’ve organised. Totally in love with their chef. He makes wonderful meals and even better puddings. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Our entertainer from C.J. Tazz – Martin – arrived in the most spectacular suit I have seen in many a year, and he expertly kept us entertained until 3pm, involving the children and the adults. He was one of the nicest men you would ever meet, and his smile alone lit up the room. I highly recommend him if you ever want a good all round entertainer who gives nothing but value – give C.J. a call.

No afternoon fundraiser would be complete without a visit from Wobble, so once Martin was near his finale, I nipped home and brought me laddo into the centre. As always, he was delighted to see different places, but I notice that when I pop him down onto a table top, or onto the floor, he sniffs around and then heads for where his nose tells him I am. I love that little prickly guy!

Raffle time, and our first prize was a flight around the area for 2 people, so it was with baited breath that the room silenced for Jean to draw the winning ticket and announce our winner. Tracy H. A lady who used to come to our fun bingo, and who recently returned to our fold, thankfully. She is going to be flying with Paul, our pilot, sometime convenient to both of them. Plus her guest, of course.

We had the Royal Box for 4 people at Funny Girls. We had a glamour makeover. We had tickets to the Sandcastle Water Park, and we had an awesome cake donated by The Cake Room, bearing the cutest little edible hedgehog, surrounded by ladybugs, snails and leaves. It has a pink bow atop the friendliest, smiling, cutie hedgehog face. Looks to me like a little girl hedgehog, but in these modern times, as long as she is happy with who she is, she could be a he and it wouldn’t matter a jot.

Blackpool F.C. had donated a fully signed football to our raffle, a wonderful prize which we felt really belonged to a Blackpool F.C. die hard fan. With this in mind, Blackpool Supporters Trust kindly raffled the ball for us at their AGM, and presented us with £100 which they raised for Hedgehog Rescue Blackpool. Awesome.

There was an assortment of prizes on offer, and I hope no one was disappointed with what they chose from the top table offerings.

Just before we made our way home, I had to just look my dear friend Cath in the eye and speak to all of her, and mine, friends. Dear Jimmy, Cath’s husband, died peacefully in his sleep only 24 hours before the fundraiser, so I took 24 pots of bubbles to the ‘do’ with me and invited everyone who knew Jimmy and Cath to take one and on their way home, blow a few bubbles in celebration of Jimmy’s life. I also invited anyone who wanted to remember a loved one of their own to also take some bubbles, so I hope that the sky was full of orbs reflecting the light, in celebration of lives no longer lived on this earth.

As I said in the beginning, the amount raised was £580 and yet again I am totally overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone who supports the events we put on in our Community Centre. One lady has already sent me a text saying that she can’t wait until the next event!!

Thank you, every one of you, for your support and your love for hedgehogs. Thank you, Jean, for ensuring that I am never hogless because goodness only knows what mischief I would get up to if I found myself without little spikey animals in my life.

By Viv Critchley, Secretary of Molyneux Drive Friends and Neighbours Association


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