Mereside Memorial Place – a work (of art) in progress

The Mereside Community Networking Group meet regularly, working together to improve the local area for all who live there. The regeneration of the parks, play areas and Langdale Green are just a handful of examples of what can be achieved when organisations and the local community work together.

The new Mereside Memorial Place is the latest project that started as a conversation in these network meetings and following a public consultation, the Mereside area will soon benefit from a quiet reflective space where residents can remember lost loved ones or enjoy a peaceful place to simply sit and relax, in today’s busy world.

In the centre of the space stands a recently installed stone pillar and the ‘dove of peace’ and the ‘tree of life’ have been beautifully carved into the stone by sculptor Thompson Dagnall. The monument provides a focal point for the estate, with picnic seating for families to get together outdoors.

The installation has been made possible, thanks to Blackpool Coastal Housing, Blackpool Betterstart, Blackpool Council Parks department, Freedom Church Mereside and Local Councillors who have worked in partnership with local residents.

When completed, we welcome residents to go enjoy the space and to be respectful of others and their safety.

Bottom picture (from left to right): Pete Tomkinson and Rev Linda Tomkinson (Freedom Church Mereside), Paula Burdess (Clifton Ward Councillor) and Andrew Walker (Head of Housing at Blackpool Coastal Housing), outside the Mereside Memorial Place development.


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