Nicola ‘Grows’ in confidence with More Positive Together and Grow Blackpool

Last summer, More Positive Together Officer Wendy, introduced Nicola to Grow Blackpool @theGrange to see if she would be interested in attending their weekly gardening sessions. Grow Blackpool aims to support people to increase their health and well-being through gardening and related projects. Initially, Wendy came and worked alongside Nicola offering her support and encouragement until the time when Nicola felt comfortable attending by herself. Nicola has been involved for some time now.

During her time with Grow Blackpool, Nicola has developed her confidence, alongside her gardening skills. These skills include, amongst others; learning how to prepare a raised bed, sow seed, tend seedlings, transplant and prune. She has also completed tasks for the first time including; using a hammer and nails and a drill and saw, which enabled her to secure ceramic numbers on raised beds and also take branches off a large Christmas Tree! The timber will be used for rustic Christmas decorations later this year.

Clare, Senior Team Leader with Grow Blackpool, said;

Nicola is always willing to take part in any activity, job or task asked of her. If Nicola has previously learnt the task you know she will get on with it – if it is a new skill she may ask a few questions but will always just get on with things.  It is great to work with her as she is willing to take instruction and responds well to support, encouragement and praise.

At the end of the session Nicola is always happy to let Wendy know what she has achieved during the day and eager to show her work. This also included the day I asked her to go to the shop for an item we had run out of. Unbeknown to me, Nicola does not usually go into shops to ask for things. At the end of the day she was proud to let Wendy know what she had done. For me, this is acknowledgement of the positive working relationship Nicola has with Wendy. Their relationship is built on trust and genuine support; a place from which Nicola can develop, grow and is encouraged to try new things, knowing that Wendy cares and has Nicola’s best interest throughout their work together.











We’re pleased to report that Nicola is now volunteering at the Centre for Independent Living, which is a great achievement! Well done Nicola! More Positive Together Officer Wendy, who worked with Nicola, is incredibly proud of how far she has come.

The More Positive Together initiative offers eligible residents a tailored programme of one-to-one mentoring, physical activity sessions, training courses, employment advice and work experience opportunities. If you feel that you would benefit from this service, you can contact the More Positive Together team directly on:

Tel: 01253 477920



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