Online Safety – Advice from our Highfield Helpers

Hi everyone, from Highfield Leadership Academy’s Community Digital Leaders.  We have been thinking about how to stay safe online. We all enjoy the opportunities the internet offers us and we shouldn’t be frightened of using it but here a few reminders of how to stay safe online. 


Passwords are very important and everybody needs to be careful when choosing them. Always use a capital letter, lower case letters, a symbol or a number. Also, remember not to share your password with anyone; your safety is at cost.

Shopping online

Sometimes when it is cold outside or we find it difficult to get out and about we might choose to do our shopping online.  Shopping online can be great but there are a few things you can do to keep it safe:

  • Make sure the website address starts with ‘https’ – the ‘s’ stands for secure so it will be safe.
  • Check that there is a picture of a padlock where the website address is.
  • Shop from places you know like supermarkets or Amazon.
  • If a bargain pops up and it seems like it’s too good to be true, don’t buy it if you are not sure you trust the website.

Social media

Social media such as Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with people and make new online friends but remember to be safe. We have to be smart while we are online. Here are some tips:

  • Keep all your personal information safe
  • Don’t meet any strangers you’ve talked to online
  • Think before you accept anything or anyone’s friendship online
  • Not everyone is reliable and they might not be who they seem to be so be cautious

Computer viruses

Sometimes you might get a phone call from someone who tells you they are from a phone or computer company.  They might tell you there is something wrong with your computer or phone and ask you for personal information such as passwords. Real companies would not do this so just hang up and tell someone from the BCH team.

You might get an e-mail from a company you do not know.  Don’t open it.  Sometimes e-mails have a virus.  Just like a virus that might make you feel poorly, a virus can make your computer poorly – in other words stop it from working properly.  You can get advice about special packages that can protect your computer from virus.


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