Our Financial Support Service helps customers take control…

Our dedicated team of Financial Support Officers are on hand to support customers with any financial difficulties they may have. The service is flexible, and tailored to meet individual’s needs. Officers have recently supported two customers with different personal circumstances to help clear debt, source items, apply for benefits and transform their lives… 

Claire’s* Story

Claire is a single parent with one 11 year old son, and attends university.

At the time of referral, Claire had rent arrears totalling £1121, had no money to buy food and was washing clothes in the bath as she had no washing machine. Claire used the majority of her student loan to pay her rent arrears. She was also concerned that her son’s school would take disciplinary action as she was unable to buy football boots for him to wear during sports lessons.

Claire was referred to the Financial Support Service and provided one-to-one support which achieved the following:

  • A food parcel sourced and delivered the same day
  • A washing machine sourced via the Green Doctor service at the Grange
  • Football boots donated by Blackpool Football Club
  • Claire managed to source her own box freezer with the remaining student loan so that food could be bought in bulk, making it more economical

Claire is now managing well and no longer in arrears. She appreciates the support she received and no longer feels overwhelmed by her situation.

John’s* Story

John is a single adult who has a joint tenancy with his elderly mum. His brother also lives close by as John provides some care.

John’s account was flagged by the Rents Team due to mounting rent arrears as Housing Benefit payments had stopped. On contact with John, it became apparent that his mum had sadly passed away and he was feeling overwhelmed with everything, which meant that he’d not been providing the required evidence to Housing Benefit in order for payments to continue.

A Financial Support Officer began supporting John and liaised with the Housing Benefit Team to try and get payments back on track. After some intensive support and collecting the evidence required, Housing Benefit was reinstated and the rent arrears were paid in full. An application was then made for Carers Allowance to support John’s brother, which was also successful.

If you think you would benefit from a referral to one of our Financial Support Officers, please contact us – we’re here to help. The Rents Team can be contacted on T: 01253 477900 (option 1) or by emailing:

*Customer’s name has been changed to protect their identity


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