Resident Volunteer David Shares his Story…

I’m David and a member of TOWER Scrutiny Panel. I know we have been living in some very strange and difficult times so it’s been really important to make sure that we carry on the great work we’ve been doing. We’ve had the opportunity to embrace online technology and will now be meeting in the virtual world of Skype. It’s a new way of working and we’re delighted to be able to take the panel forward and continue to help develop and improve housing services for everyone. We’re currently benchmarking with other housing providers who also undertake their scrutiny work online to get some ideas of how their panels run.

During lockdown, I have enjoyed reading Wavelength online and keeping in touch with local community news on BCH’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. These have really helped to reduce feeling isolated and it’s been wonderful to read about some of the great work local residents and community groups have been doing to help their communities in these challenging times.

I was very pleased with a recent emergency visit from BCH’s partnering contractor Read and Errington when they came to my home to fix an issue with the boiler. Their member of staff was as ever very polite and made sure he adhered to social distancing guidelines whilst he undertook my repair.

Thank you David for sharing this and for your continued involvement! 


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