My name is David Shakespeare. I have been a BCH tenant for 11 years, and have volunteered on the TOWER Scrutiny Panel for the past 5 years so far.

Our job is to scrutinise all aspects of BCH work i.e. Repairs/Rents and ASB etc. When we do a Scrutiny we look at the chosen service from a BCH tenants perspective. We look at all relevant service documents, interview BCH management, staff and, most importantly, we speak with customers to get their personal experiences.

When we finish our review, our final report and recommendations to help improve or develop the service is passed on to Senior Management and taken to the BCH Board for discussion.

The last Scrutiny we carried out I was invited to present our findings to the BCH Board. This was in relation to Asset Management and was held on Wednesday  5th February 2020. At the Board meeting I went through the Scrutiny panel’s observations then the recommendations.

To me as a tenant this is the best part of being on the Scrutiny panel. The Board asked me questions in relation to the report. It gives me great satisfaction that the Board take the time to hear and question all the information from Tower Scrutiny.

Being involved has helped me gain more confidence in myself and to ask more challenging questions regarding BCH services.

So if any BCH Tenants with any time to spare would like to join us please contact us!

We have our own Facebook page @towerscrutinybch which you can follow for the latest scrutiny news or you can visit the BCH website for more information on getting involved.


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