Congratulations to our winner Mrs Montgomery-Entwistle who recently won £500 following her Gas Safety Check.

BCH need to complete a Gas Safety Check on all our properties each year to ensure gas installations and pipework are maintained. Our Gas Contractor, Read and Errington, carries out this essential work on our behalf. If you’d like to be in with a chance to win £500, all you need to do is allow access for this check to be completed within an agreed timescale.

Throughout the rest of January and early February, Read and Errington will be carrying out gas safety checks in the Bispham area and will then be moving onto the Grange Park area. If you think you’re due a gas safety check, please call Read and Errington on Tel: 01253 359985.

You can also be in with a chance to win £500, donated by Technical and Electrical Services Ltd, by meeting your first appointment for one of their electricians to complete an electrical safety check at your home. Technical and Electrical Services Ltd will be testing homes in the Bispham area from April 2019. If you think you’re due a check, please call our contractor on Tel: 01253 590303




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