Hello once again! 

My name is David Shakespeare and I have been a Blackpool Coastal Housing (BCH) tenant since 2009.

I’m a volunteer on BCH’s TOWER Scrutiny Panel and have recently taken on the role of Chairperson. TOWER is made up of tenant volunteers and we complete regular reviews on different service areas to ensure they’re fit for purpose, and to try and improve and develop these where possible for the benefit of all customers.

Alongside this, I have just joined the Complaints Appeal Panel as a trained tenant representative; my job is to look at Stage 3 complaints along with the relevant Director from BCH and review how the complaint has been handled. This is the final stage of BCH’s internal complaints process and it is requested by the complainant if they’re unhappy with the outcome of the Stage 2 (formal) complaint.

This is a very interesting and challenging role as it means looking through all the paperwork from the Manager’s investigation, reviewing any evidence from the complainant and agreeing a decision with the Director. It makes me proud to be an involved tenant and know that I can really make a difference.

We’re always on the look out for new recruits to join the Complaints Appeal Panel. You’ll receive full training as well as ensuring you have the right IT equipment to get you started, which can include a laptop or tablet, BCH can even cover the cost of online tools such as Microsoft Office.

If you have any spare time and are interested in volunteering to come and join the team, get in touch with BCH’s Involvement and Communications Team!

Tel: 01253 477900 (select option 4 then 3)

Email: customerinvolvement@bch.co.uk 


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