Beat Doorstep Crime

There have been reports of bogus callers knocking on people’s doors. Sadly in one recent case, someone knocked on the door of an elderly tenant and said they were there to assess the lights within their flat.

The tenant had not booked an appointment with BCH but realised too late it was a bogus call. The stranger entered the flat, walked around and then asked for £10 to cover the costs of the assessment, which was handed over to them.

If someone comes to your home claiming to be from BCH, the council, the police or any other organisation, ask to see their ID before you let them in.

All BCH staff carry an ID badge

Make sure you check an ID badge thoroughly to make sure it’s real. If you have a chain lock, it’s worth using this while you do it. You can ring us on 01253 477900 to double-check the ID or the appointment.

If in doubt, keep them out!! You don’t have to let any stranger into your home.

If you’re suspicious, ring the police

The police can be contacted on non-emergency number 101 if you’re not in immediate danger but want to report an incident. Otherwise, if you feel threatened, call 999.

Report it to Blackpool Trading Standards

Blackpool Trading standards team provides free advice for Blackpool residents who have problems with goods and services they have purchased.


Blackpool Trading Standards on 01253 478375 or alternatively email


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