Now that the cutting season has come to an end, partnering contractors Fylde Council, are busy completing works in our green spaces as part of the Winter Maintenance Programme.

During October, a full week was dedicated to the maintenance of the green areas at Queens Park with works including:

  • A full litter pick and waste removal
  • Scraping off pathways and weed killing where required
  • Tidying up the communal grassed areas
  • Removing dead trees from the communal area and removing weeds/shrubs from the tree bases across the estate
  • Tidying up the play area surrounds, including grass seeding and the removal of shrubs
  • Tidying up the overgrown hedges

As the photographs show, this hard work has really improved the look of the area for the benefit of residents…

Fylde Council will be on site across our green spaces over the coming weeks and months to improve and develop these. If you’re a BCH customer living in an area which you feel could benefit from winter maintenance, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

BCH Involvement and Communications Team
T: 01253 477900 (select option 4 then 3)



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