New policy launch, demonstrating our commitment to tackling Anti-Social Behaviour

For the majority of our residents, the recent, unprecedented times have meant staying at home more than ever before. Over the past few months, we have seen a marked increase in instances of anti-social behaviour being reported to us. Most notably is noise nuisance, which has seen the biggest rise with an increase of 58% on last year’s figures, up from 57 in 2019 to 99 cases for the period of April to August 2020.

In the same period, our officers have worked hard to respond to this increase in reporting and have used their resources to tackle this anti-social behaviour; 192 verbal and/or written warnings have been issued to perpetrators. Furthermore, there have been 1056 contacts made with complainants, 571 with perpetrators, and 177 visits conducted.

Our Anti-Social Behaviour service is quality assessed and accredited by Housemark and we are dedicated to ensuring we continue to meet and exceed the standards of the scheme. As part of this continual commitment, we have recently updated our Anti-Social Behaviour policy.

Alongside this, a brand new ‘Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour’ booklet has been produced to provide our customers with relevant information; including a definition of ASB, issues which are not classed as ASB, details on how we will respond, and the action we will take to resolve ASB. Prior to its publication, the booklet was reviewed by BCH’s Reading and Communications Panel, a group of customer volunteers who read through documents to ensure that they’re easy to read and understand. To view the booklet, click here.

John Donnellon, Chief Executive of Blackpool Coastal Housing, said; “Anti-Social Behaviour can make people’s lives a misery and BCH works hard to eliminate it where it occurs. Wherever possible, we will first seek to resolve issues informally, but will not hesitate to use the legal powers available to us if required. This new policy sets out exactly what is classed as ASB and the action we will take to resolve it.”

If you’re a BCH customer experiencing ASB, our Anti-Social Behaviour Team is here to help and can be contacted on T: 01253 477900 (select option 3) or E:

Registered charity, ASB Help, offers free, independent and impartial advice on anti-social behaviour at


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